Terms of use

JFrog Ltd. (hereinafter: “JFrog” or “Company“) is pleased to open its doors to entrepreneurs and freelancers starting their journey to restart their business in the central Tel Aviv – at the JFrog Innovation Hhub located at 22 Kaplan Street, Tel Aviv (hereinafter: the “Hub“). 

Your use of the Hub is subject to the following conditions: 

  1. In order to enter the Hub and use the services offered there, you must register and provide the Company with all the details required by it, and ensure that you received an email confirmation from the Company regarding the dates and hours during which you can use the Hub. Entrance to the Hub without prior approval is forbidden. 
  2. The entrance and use of the Hub will be limited to the number of guests invited and only to those guests whose personal details were provided during the registration process. In case you are filing a registration form on behalf of others guests, you hereby represent that you have their consent to share their personal details with us., 
  3. No entry will be allowed for guests under 21 years of age.
  4. You must comply with the rules of the Hub as stipulated in these Terms of Use and as will be made available in the Hub from time to time. The Company reserves the right to ask you to leave the Hub and/or prevent any future entry from a guest who will not comply with such rules.
  5. Prior to entering the Hub, you will need to sign a health declaration and let us take your heat measurement. In addition you will have to abide to all in accordance with the applicable regulations in place at that same time with regard to corona virus, including wearing a mask, keeping distance, and the like.
  6. Food is not allowed in the compound.
  7. Be respectful of the other users of the complex, conduct meetings and conversations quietly, and maintain the confidentiality of information of other guests that you may be exposed to.
  8. As part of the services offered in the Hub, you will be given the option of using the Company’s wireless network. You may not share the password to the wireless network with anyone who is not a guest of the Hub. You may not try to bypass, modify, intervene or otherwise circumvent any security processes or gain any unlawful access to the wireless network.
  9. The Company reserves the right to close the Hub for any reason and at any time, at its sole discretion..
  10. Subject to any applicable law, the Company and/or anyone on its behalf will not be liable for any direct or indirect, consequential or special damages caused to the guests and/or third parties as a result of their use of the Hub.


For any questions, Please call us on 09-8941444, Extension 0 Or send an email to jfrog.tlvhub@jfrog.com

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Due to COVID-19 regulations, our innovation hub is temporarily not operating as usual. Stay tuned for updates.

We hope to leap back soon!